Celebrating Fifty Years of Jamie Browning Songs
Welcome to Rock Solid Songs, my website featuring my catalog of songs. During my long and rewarding music career, I've performed with many accomplished musicians and played guitar in many great bands. The musical wisdom I learned playing all those performances has taught me one important thing: "Without a great song, the music doesn't sing." Enjoy my songs. Jamie "To write great music, one must make his life a great song." —Ode
To Bo Goldsen I dedicate my songs to the memory of Bo Goldsen, my friend and mentor. Thank you Bo for all the memories at Criterion.
"We are the music makers, dreamers of dreams." —Bach
About Rock Solid Songs After 50 years of songwriting, I believe I have a variety of well-crafted songs for you to enjoy. Before you review my song catalog, I invite you to take a look at my video below. I am very fortunate to do what I love ... music ... every day of my life. Jamie
"A great song should lift your heart, warm the soul, and make you feel good." —Colbie Cailat
Catalog of Jamie Browning Songs
Bridge Of Words ** Imagination Holdin' On To Someone Else Just Yesterday Love In The Middle Open Road ** duet with Bill Medley Turnaround World Free Me * The Purpose Real To Me *** Love Teaches All Nobody's Foolin' You ** This Means Love Come Back * Hole In My Heart * Little Bit Crazy * Solid Ground * Dangerous Love * The Worst Is Done * Starmaker * Open Road * Freedom * Paradise Tonight * In Her Eyes * Any Day * Partly Me * Lovin' Eyes * I Didn't Mean To Say It All * Lay It On The Line * Better Days * From Here We Grow * Nothin' To Lose * Having You * My Own Song * One * Pack It Up * Tangled In Tears Out Of My Life Let Me Go Wheels On Fire Run From Heartache Back To You Only One Promise All My Life Between The Lines Can't Help Myself Choose The Blues Face Yourself Love Shot On My Own Something To Live For Thought I Knew Love Like the First Time
* Published by Universal Music Publishing Group ** Co-published with Universal Music Publishing Group (4 songs) *** Co-written with Brian Cadd. Co-published with UMPG and Fairy Dust Music (1 song)
End of Jamie Browning Song Catalog. More music to come. Please visit again.
"Without music, life would be a mistake." —Nietzsche
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